The challenges for safe roads in Bangladesh

Road accidents have been occurring as the most shocking, undesirable and unexpected regular phenomenon that touches our heart and soul with immense pain and sorrow. Whenever we come across the news of any accident our honest instincts drive us to get rid of this menace. It encourages many people, organisations, communities and intellectuals to make some contributions for stopping the accidents. Quite a good number of researchers, academicians, lawyers, journalists, national and international organisations have already come forward with their observations, comments, suggestions and recommendations for ensuring the safety of the roads. The Government along with some organisations have been trying very hard to make the road safe for all of us but unfortunately the most horrendous statistical reports of accidents made us nervous, frightened and absolutely insecure in any road journey. According to the National Committee to Protect Shipping, Roads and Railways (NCPSRR), at least 61,512 people were killed, and 102,618 others were injured in 55,141 road accidents from 2005 to 2017 and in 2018 at least 2,471 people died in 2,353 road accidents across the country in the past six months.

Some official directives include: drive-time limitations on drivers of long-route vehicles, keeping reserved drivers on long-route vehicles, restricting them to a maximum of five hours drive time at a stretch, training drivers and helpers, installing service centres or restrooms for drivers at regular intervals on highways, preventing jaywalking, making sure everyone follows traffic signals and fastens seatbelts.